Well this 12-week online course looks very interesting, so I decided to sign up and participate in it.

Being from Virginia, it is a weird feeling to be taking a course from University of Manitoba, CA – but it sure proves the point for ADL / eLearning.  Anytime, anyplace….

I will be quite pleased if I can get through this entire course, and learn one key thought, phrase or idea per week – i.e. 12 new thoughts for the course duration. I predict it will be accomplished.  If this does happen, I hope to be able to leverage some of these new ideas in my work supporting Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) with their Advanced Technologies research, into improving their distance education efforts.



  1. Mike Bogle says:

    “Being from Virginia, it is a weird feeling to be taking a course from University of Manitoba, CA”

    I’m in Sydney, Australia so I know what you mean. In my case there are additional factors to consider as well – namely time zone differences. For example the 11 am (Manitoba time) Ustream.TV discussions on Fridays occur at 2 am on Saturday Sydney time. I assume they’ll be using the record option so people in different time zones can refer back later – but it would have been nice to participate in the live discussions.

    That said though there’s no way around this when you have an international cohort of this scale. This is one of the interesting things about this course for me – especially in an elearning research sense – to see how things are tackled logistically, both from the standpoint of the facilitation as well as the mini-networks that develop amongst the students.

    It’s a fascinating use case that seems to chart brand new territory. Looking forward to it!

    Talk to you later,


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