First week, First night…

Well, it takes both effort and some getting used to – to having homework assignments after working all day in a cubicle. But I did some readings and listened to some videocasts, and after compiling some electronic notes (what other kind would there be) – I created a cmap.

Here is a screen shot of it.


Cmap created for Week 1 of the course.

Cmap created for Week 1 of the course.





4 Responses to First week, First night…

  1. Hi Mark

    Great Cmap! I’m typing this at 4 am my time so I “feel your pain about the time crunch! :).

    My one comment is where you say in your map that Connectivism is “driven” by Web 2.0. To me it is much more organic than that. First because that implies it did not and maybe. could not exist without it. But mostly because I see it as a natural process and you are that process. My dog practices Connectivity every time he follows a scent. And I bet he never heard of Web 2.0! 🙂

  2. sihigg says:

    Nice map.

    Lacks animals!

  3. sihigg says:


    The arrow’s going in the other direction!!

  4. mkfrie says:

    I wish someone would tell me how to (in CMAP)
    (1) Insert arrows without boxes
    (2) How to reverse arrow direction


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