Cross Post – but clearly intertwined discussion

This comment was posted this weekend, to the eLearning Guild’s NING site for Work Literacy – where people are participating in order to “try out” and “talk about” Web 2.0 tools. I think it is a great idea, and when I perused a question there tonight, I felt inclined to offer this opinion, as it appeared to me, as a relation between the CCK08 course and the eLearning Guild’s reason for hosting this 6 week online “training” event.


I am also a spectator here, as I am fully immersed in CCK08 online course (with 2200+ others) being driven by University of Manitoba and Stephen Downes — but in answer to Susan’s comment –

I work as an elearning/Innovation researcher for Dept of Defense / Joint Forces Command. I utilize a vast number of online sources to gather leads, white papers, conference proceedings and test results in an attempt to understand the current state of eLearning and at the same time venture educated guesses what the future direction needs to include.

Google Reader, Google Docs, Twitter and LinkedIN are all in my kitbag on a daily basis to achieve this goal – and from time to time, I blog on my personal space, and ask questions online to guage other opinions.

What I really need, is the Intelligent Agent which John Scully described in a video during the 1980’s – but still does not exist today – one that can report each morning to me, what it found overnight, in the areas of research I am interested – from a vast and deep collection of knowledge.

Until that time, I will be perusing my network, group and collective of resources – all in a somewhat random and complicated way – day by day.


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