2 Responses to Ongoing costs and eLearning…Total Cost of Ownership/Learning

  1. Diane G. says:

    Hi Mark,

    I enjoyed reading your blog on elearning 2.0. Yes, the cost of effective education is very high. The cost of ignorance is even higher. Have any solutions occurred to you while working with your Lego’s?

    The costs you outline are staggering and certainly makes one rethink the whole thing of online learning and elearning 2.0 etc. However, I believe that elearning done effectively can actually initiate a transformation in our world and people educated effectively online can actually have the abilities to solve many of the world’s problems, think critically and creatively. If that is so, the price of online learning seems reasonable.

    I look forward to your solutions to the problem. Or, is the problem the way you are thinking about it? Looking at this dilemma from multiple perspectives might yield fresh insights. I will consider it myself.


  2. mkfrie says:

    I like apple pie too, along with “to solve many of the world’s problems, think critically and creatively” — but I just want to make sure that we, as a country, network, group, people – whatever – make the right investments, those with the positive net present value.

    The wrong investments will not get what we want solved….only thoughtful research (and to this I really would like to see additional, new innovative PhD programs created to study this subject) can help guide our decision making in the eLearning 2.0 and inject proper doses of gaming technology into our education. The goal here, like you said, is to create demonstrable positive results.

    I think Lego actually can do that – I mean, maybe not to create scientists to solve global warming, but surely it has provided inspiration to create hundreds of thousands of space enthusiasts, some of which are likely to have become full-fledged scientists! And some become artists or architects or engineers too. Its just that for the investment, they yield a nice return – and lots of other options do not!

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