Week 12 CCK08 – Not the end, just thoughts…

November 26, 2008

Well, I am just not sure that the Education system (or should I say TEACHERS) want to change with the latest technology innovations which arrived at their doorstep. In the past, I think Education did take a backseat to Business – getting the hand-me-downs of innovation and techniques, tactices and procedures (TTP). (2020 and beyond, Hans Daanen and Keri Facer, Futurelab, June 2007)

If educators are to shape the future of education…” – well yeah, that is a touch question I think. From my many questions/answers on LinkedIN, the general sense is that Education (at least in the US) is driven by teachers who are resistant to quick change, and are not really interested, in general, with adopting new methods during their tenure. Of course this is referring to the Formal Learning environment — since I have seen and experienced first hand in CCK08 just how willing 2200+ people can be in adopting new methods and tools to collaborate, learn and express interest/opinions.

Thus I would have to conclude that for Education to be successful in the future, it may have to rely more on it’s informal arm and the marketplace will likely reward those institutions which adopt the most important new technologies and capabilities from Web 2.0 that the learners desire/demand. The marketplace is highly efficient in this respect (i.e. see huge growth of Phoenix Online) and I think that increasing financial pressures will come to bear on Formal Learning organizations who are unable/unwilling to adapt to their students’ needs.


eLearning and ISD’s roles. Things change.

November 4, 2008

Well sports fans, instead my normal “on topic” post this week in CCK08, I decided to let the tools do the talking. I mean what better way to show ( I meant show off) what I have been learning to do with LinkedIN – on my favorite new Web 2.0 collaboration and networking tools


That short url, expands out into this ( http://www.linkedin.com/answers/career-education/education-schools/CAR_BUE/355942-15796213?browseIdx=0&sik=1225840476011&goback=.amq )

and will show my currently open question posted to LinkedIN – about the changing role of the ISD in the future of eLearning. Yes, it could be construed that I am letting my network of friends, colleagues and online pals help me “do my work” for the CCK course, but there were no rules, so no harm, no foul. Just looking to learn what I can, and maybe that will shape my thoughts on the topic.