eLearning and ISD’s roles. Things change.

Well sports fans, instead my normal “on topic” post this week in CCK08, I decided to let the tools do the talking. I mean what better way to show ( I meant show off) what I have been learning to do with LinkedIN – on my favorite new Web 2.0 collaboration and networking tools


That short url, expands out into this ( http://www.linkedin.com/answers/career-education/education-schools/CAR_BUE/355942-15796213?browseIdx=0&sik=1225840476011&goback=.amq )

and will show my currently open question posted to LinkedIN – about the changing role of the ISD in the future of eLearning. Yes, it could be construed that I am letting my network of friends, colleagues and online pals help me “do my work” for the CCK course, but there were no rules, so no harm, no foul. Just looking to learn what I can, and maybe that will shape my thoughts on the topic.


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