QR Codes – What’s the future of them for eLearning?

November 20, 2009

Ok, so I learned at DevLearn 2009 what a QR Code was. Seemed interesting, that Google left small sheets of paper on various chairs in the room with codes on them. I cannot read them with my outdated TREO but at least some people with iPhones and Droids were able to grab the URL embedded on these codes in about 1 second. Ok not bad.

One week later, Robbe Addis, another eLearning enthusiast, chatting about ways to improve Social Learning — told me about a website http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Robbe and some colleagues are already looking into how to use these codes for possible eCommerce eLearning purposes.

So I went there, created my first QR Code, and copied it below. The crux of this story is the idea Robbe gave me — why not place this image on all my MOO cards as well as use it for a signature on every blog comment, Google Reader Note and possible link to it on each Twitter. I wonder how far this could reach?


QR Code


Breaking NEWS — My QR Code has found a home in SECOND LIFE – thanks to Robbe. And it works. Just scan it with your phone, and you will be transported my Blog, crossing Virtual Worlds, mobile devices, and Web destinations — all in a single second. Gotta love Technology.


QR Code in Second Life