QR Codes – What’s the future of them for eLearning?

Ok, so I learned at DevLearn 2009 what a QR Code was. Seemed interesting, that Google left small sheets of paper on various chairs in the room with codes on them. I cannot read them with my outdated TREO but at least some people with iPhones and Droids were able to grab the URL embedded on these codes in about 1 second. Ok not bad.

One week later, Robbe Addis, another eLearning enthusiast, chatting about ways to improve Social Learning — told me about a website http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Robbe and some colleagues are already looking into how to use these codes for possible eCommerce eLearning purposes.

So I went there, created my first QR Code, and copied it below. The crux of this story is the idea Robbe gave me — why not place this image on all my MOO cards as well as use it for a signature on every blog comment, Google Reader Note and possible link to it on each Twitter. I wonder how far this could reach?


QR Code


Breaking NEWS — My QR Code has found a home in SECOND LIFE – thanks to Robbe. And it works. Just scan it with your phone, and you will be transported my Blog, crossing Virtual Worlds, mobile devices, and Web destinations — all in a single second. Gotta love Technology.


QR Code in Second Life





2 Responses to QR Codes – What’s the future of them for eLearning?

  1. Robbe says:

    Well – not sure if we are the first to do this, but I left a prim with your QR-Code in a fairly public location. =)

  2. Suresh Susarla says:

    Indeed QR codes are versatile and show a lot of promise in the land of 2d barcode. Especially with the amount of data they can hold. It is more prominent in Marketing and eCommerce world would be very interested to see how the learning community will embrace this technology.


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