Informal Learning – 8yr olds even know it…

Photo caption from April 2010 issue of Fast Company, Article called “A is for APP”
Just think about the quote from the 8yr old in this photo “It’s educational because you can do it by yourself.”

The US spends how many billions of dollars a year, for 100 years, training our kids by teachers writing on chalk boards to a class of silences kids. And this 8yr old explains in a sentence why he feels that he and his laptop (and the Internet) are what he needs to educate himself. I believe in guidance, curriculum, mentoring, training and supervision – but maybe those could be added to a very informal learning paradigm (Montessori as a baseline maybe?) — and out produce the current failing system.


Oscar Soto, 8

Hometown: Greenwood, Indiana
School: North Grove Elementary
Device: HP Mini 2140

“When it’s time to work on our laptop, I get excited because maybe we get to have free time. We might go to a fun Web site. Sometimes we can learn more information. We learned about frogs and toads.

Favorite game for the whole year? It’s Mario Movie Maker. You can make a movie and you can put it in your own voice and you can choose music. It’s educational because you can do it by yourself.”


3 Responses to Informal Learning – 8yr olds even know it…

  1. Frank Polster says:

    Mark, Great quote and insight. Thanks Frank

  2. Jay Gendron says:

    I really enjoyed the blog post. I’m very interested in the technology and education interface. It is a vast arena that isn’t fully understood.

    I’d like to commend to any follower’s of Mark’s blog the wonderful YouTube video made by 200 students at Kansas State University. It is called …over 4 million hits. A similar video was made about , though I didn’t find it to be as compelling.

    Jay Gendron

  3. Paul Van Doren says:

    If history is any indicator we have to wait for older folks to die off, a major crisis where folks are desperate, or a champion in high places.

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