Graphic Simplicity: Focus on the training value & outcomes.

January 18, 2009

Happy New Year to all my readers (both of you). Thought I would post something about a topic, which has been used in many conversations lately, at work and on phone calls I have had lately. Might not be earth shattering, but it is nice to see it in print, and from a solid research organization – and I also like that is nearly “3 years aged” – maybe like a fine wine, it becomes more true with a little age.

Lesson Learned #4: Sophisticated graphics are neither necessary nor sufficient for a valuable training experience.

However, leaders’ ratings for the overall training value of the game did not parallel their ratings of fidelity and realism. These findings indicated that sophisticated graphics alone were not sufficient to have a marked impact on the way leaders perceived the game’s overall training. Instead, we found that the success for military training games is, in part, measured by how well they meet intended training objectives. Success is also measured by how well games help leaders learn the skills that help them perform to standard in required training exercises and courses.  (ARI Newsletter, March 2006,

Maybe now I can  use this quote to backup my efforts toward focusing on the outcomes, and less on the video graphics resolution!


First week, First night…

September 9, 2008

Well, it takes both effort and some getting used to – to having homework assignments after working all day in a cubicle. But I did some readings and listened to some videocasts, and after compiling some electronic notes (what other kind would there be) – I created a cmap.

Here is a screen shot of it.


Cmap created for Week 1 of the course.

Cmap created for Week 1 of the course.